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CUNY / SUNY Workforce Scholarship Application

The CUNY/SUNY Early Childhood Workforce Scholarship is a grant for individuals seeking to early childhood credentials, certificates degrees and or certification in early childhood education at CUNY or SUNY schools across the state. The scholarship was originally announced by Governor Cuomo and administered by the NY Early Childhood Professional Development Institute at the City University of New York in collaboration with EIP. This new initiative is funded by the NYS Birth to 5 federal grant.


  • Applicants must be employed 20 hours or more per week in a licensed Child Care facility
  • Applicants must be attending or applying to a CUNY or SUNY university, taking credit bearing courses leading to a certificate, degree or credential. The scholarship is open to part time study only. Must be Part-time Status.
  • After applying for the CUNY/SUNY Workforce Scholarship, eligible applicants must also apply for EIP scholarships. EIP funds must be exhausted before the use of B-5 funds.
  • The scholarship grant is needs based and applicants must submit a your 1040 and 2 current paystubs to demonstrate need to PDP EIP.
  • Applicants must have an Aspire Registry ID. Learn more and get your ID!
  • Selected applicants are required to meet with an Institute advisor to create Study Plan and sign participation agreement.

Once you complete the application our Scholarship administrator will be in contact.


Fill out the form below to begin the application process. If you are eligible to apply for one of our scholarships, we will send you a link to provide supporting documentation.

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This scholarship supports students attending or applying to a CUNY or SUNY university. Scholarships are available to student taking courses at the Certificate, Associates, Bachelors or Masters Level leading to early childhood teacher or assistant teacher certifications or credentials. Please indicate what level you will be applying for. Respond to the following:

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This scholarship supports part-time professionals employed in regulated early childhood programs. Please list your current employment information here. If you are not currently Employed in the an early childhood program, you may skip this section.

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