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Education Director

Young Risers Early Childhood Programs
Date Posted: 04/09/2024
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Salary/Wage: $65,000 - $80,000 a year
Job Type: Full-time
Work Arrangement: Onsite


Young Risers LLC is seeking an Education Director who, under the supervision of the Executive Director, will plan and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum that supports our vision, mission and encourages the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of our students, 2 to 5 years, within the inspirational Reggio Approach. 



    • Develop a curriculum and program inspired by the Reggio Approach
      • Take part in professional, self and team building activities based on the ideals of the Reggio Approach.
      • Along with the Executive Director and teachers provide a safe and stimulating environment, ‘Third Teacher’, that provokes inquiry and wonder based on children’s intertest.
      • Plan with educators a developmentally appropriate

emergent curriculum and engaging lessons that meet children’s interests, state requirements and parent expectations.

    • Oversee Staff
      • Assist with or conduct interviews of prospective staff members and train all staff.
      • Supervise monthly classroom schedules and routines in accordance with the vision and mission of Young Risers Childhood Program. 
      • Create and attend monthly staff meetings and functions of the Early Childhood Program.
      • Give guidance and direction to all staff and volunteers.
      • Other activities and duties as needed that address the ongoing health and well-being of our staff and members.
    • Manage Facilities
      • Be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the program- must make sure that the facility is safe and well-stocked. That includes checking that safety equipment is available and working, removing hazards and ensuring the facility is always clean and orderly.
      • Be licensed in food protection, FDNY: S95 and F07
      • Conduct fire drills and manage emergency procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the center.
      • Carry out the adopted recruitment and enrollment policies.
      • Keep student and staff attendance and tuition records.
      • Keep all records required by the NYCDOHMH/ OCFS and Aspire:  Maintain accurate program documentation; including but not limited to incident/ accident/ behavior reports, sign-in/ sign-out, development/ growth forms; document eating and sleeping, parent surveys, etc.
      • Meet with all NYC representatives regarding inspection.
      • Review and help carry out fire, tornado, and disaster drills.
      • Be aware of and comply with all personnel policies and NYCDOHMH Article 47.
    • Create a Budget
      • Assist with the preparation of the annual budget in relation to school supplies, holiday celebrations and festivities, teacher appreciation and individual classroom needs.
      • Operate the school within the budget.
    • Market the Facility
      • Create a marketing plan within the school budget to promote awareness of the facility and its services.
    • Meet with Families and Teachers
      • Maintain an active system of parent-school relationships by keeping parents up to date on their child’s development and progress.
      • Discuss with parents’ ways in addressing any learning or behavioral issues.
      • Contact agencies and make referrals to help children with special needs.
      • Plan and fulfill parent involvement, parent-teacher conferences, holiday festivities and all celebrations.



  • Minimum Bachelors/ Master’s Degree preferred in early Childhood Education
  • NYS teaching certification and previous lead teacher experience.
  • The ability and patience to prepare documents and make strong policies will bring about a significant and positive improvement in education quality.
  • The ability to multitask; work on several projects simultaneously to meet the academic environment’s demands.
  • First-class organizational skills; organizing and presenting reports, PowerPoint presentations, assessments, and more. 
  • Ability to use tact diplomacy in interactions with all relevant parties; because you will be dealing and interacting with people from different backgrounds and disciplines, the ability to be sensitive to other people’s opinions while trying to find common ground is essential to possess.
  • Strong ethical conduct: you must maintain a high level of professionalism and integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness in the discharge of your duties, putting all personal, religious and political bias aside.
Minimum Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
Preferred Education Level: Master's Degree

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