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Teacher Aide / Infant Care Aide

Magical Years Early Childhood Center
Date Posted: 11/04/2021
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Location: Brooklyn, New York
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Assist Head Teacher in Planning and implementing developmentally appropriate lessons; work with a team to provide stimulating environment and activities; encourage parent involvement; set individual goals and record anecdotal observations for each child; keep room clean; help with toileting; other various classroom duties.  



  1. Arrives on time
  2. Reliable in attendance
  3. Responsible in job duties
  4. Good grooming and appropriate attire
  5. Alert in health and safety matter
  6.  Follows center’s philosophy and policies
  7. Open to new ideas
  8. Flexible with assignments and schedule
  9. Comes to work with a positive attitude
  10. Looks for ways to improve the program
  11. Gives ample notice for absences
  12. Remains calm in a tense situation.
  13. Quickly and effectively deals with unexpected situations and problems
  14. Ensures all required paper work are done and / or due on time
  15. Careful to keep information about children and families confidential
  16. Attends and actively participates in staff meetings


  1. Inspects children for signs of illness or injury upon arrival
  2. Inspects outdoor and indoor  play areas prior to play
  3. Follows the hand washing procedures accordingly
  4. Follows the diaper changing / potty procedures for children accordingly and as needed
  5. Uses the “Germ Box” effectively
  6. Uses bleach solutions to clean toys and surfaces as required
  7. Notifies parents and director when children are sick or get hurt
  8. Files incident or accident reports accordingly and as needed
  9. Feeds children according to their individual needs, family input, and CACFP guidelines
  10. Puts infants to sleep according to their individual schedules and takes care of infants upon awakening; every effort to prevent SIDS is made.


  1. Always attends to children’s needs before everything else
  2. Supervises children closely and effectively throughout the day
  3. Uses a modulated, appropriate voice
  4. Knows and shows respect for individuals
  5. Is aware of developmental levels / changes
  6. Encourages independence/self help
  7. Promotes self- esteem in communications
  8. Ability to work with children who are acting out
  9. Avoids stereotyping and labeling
  10. Reinforces positive behavior
  11. Ability to set appropriate limits
  12. Ability to make appropriate written documentation
  13. Helps develop language by responding to sounds infants make or words children say; sings, talks throughout the day and interacts verbally during routines such as diaper changing, hand washing, etc.
  14. Does not speak about the child in front of him/ her


  1. Greets parents and children in a positive manner as they enter the classroom
  2. Available and approachable with parents
  3. Listens and responds well to parents
  4. Is tactful with negative information
  5. Maintains confidentiality
  6. Makes every effort toward positive parent relationships
  7. Takes an active role in encouraging parent participation
  8. Holds parents conferences on schedule


  1. Creates an inviting learning environment
  2. Lessons plans support all areas of development and reflect children’s interests
  3. Provides developmentally appropriate activities
  4. Develops plans based on goals from observations/curriculum
  5. Provides suitable materials for all activities
  6. Provides plenty of child-directed activities throughout the day
  7. Provides an appropriate role model
  8. Anticipates problems and redirects
  9. Is flexible, responsive to child interests
  10. Is prepared for day’s activities
  11. Follows the daily schedule and provides outdoor playtime for children twice a day when weather permitting
  12. Handles transitions well


  1. Is friendly and respectful with others
  2. Strives to assume a fair share of work
  3. Offers, shares ideas and materials
  4. Communicates directly, avoids gossip
  5. Approaches criticism with learning attitude
  6. Is willing to help others and steps outside normal job perimeters when necessary


Minimum Experience/Requirements:

High School Diploma or GED

Warm, caring and outgoing personality

Ability to work well with others

Able to create and maintain positive relationships with children, parents and staff.

Preferred Qualifications:

CDA Certificate

Previous work experience in childcare

Health and Safety Trainings


Application Instructions:

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please email Shauna Frederick at, please include either you resume to be shared with the employer or your permission to share the resume we have on file in the Network.

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