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Head Teacher

A Work of Heart
Date Posted: 09/02/2020
Salary / Wage: by experience
Location: Huntington , New York
Job Type:


Hours: 30 Hours Minimum

Qualifications: Associate’s degree in Early Childhood, Child Development or related field, OR Child Development Associate credential, OR 9 college credits in Early Childhood, Child Development or a related field, with a plan leading to a Child Development Associate credential AND 2 years experience related to caring for children.


1. Implementing schedule for classroom activities.

2. Plan and execute appropriate activities for the children each day in art, music, language, and motor development.

3. Plan and execute appropriate activities for the children each week in science, math, and multi-cultural experiences.

4. Maintain proper hygiene and safety of children in classroom.

5. Observe and evaluate each child’s progress and maintain daily log books.

6. Note any atypical/interfering behavior and immediately report to director.

7. Provide an evaluation for each child for parent/teacher conference

8. Work cooperatively with staff members and parents.

9. Keep accurate logs on all parent directives/child needs to be executed or transferred to appropriate staff.

10. Be available for parent conferences when necessary.

11. Attend monthly staff meetings and parent functions.

12. Follow policies and procedures of center at all times.

13. Maintain accurate daily sheets.

14. Notify the director in the event of absence.

15. Transfer any pertinent daily information/special needs/logged behaviors to director/appropriate assistant.

16. Maintain cleanliness and order in the classroom/bathroom and on the playground

18. Responsible for maintaining 15 hours per 12 months of workshops in the field of early childhood education.

19. Maintain complete substitute teacher package in case of absence.

Application Instructions:

Send an email to Jilian at - Jillian Terembes