Montessori Lead Teacher

Seneca Village Montessori School
Date Posted: 11/10/2017
Salary / Wage: 45,000 annually
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Job Type: Teacher


Seneca Village Montessori’s mission is to promote social responsibility, and work toward instilling a strong sense of self , cultural identity, and belonging in our students. As an authentic Montessori school, our curriculum and programs are designed to build a solid foundation in academics, as well as social, emotional, physical and moral development. This approach encourages a child’s independence, self-motivation, and decision-making skills.


Your goals as a lead teacher include helping the children to accomplish the following:

- Build social and emotional skills by encouraging and modeling positive relationships with other children, teachers, and families.

- Build positive self-concept and confidence by embracing and celebrating students’ culture.

- Develop an Afrocentric value system through the Nguzo Saba principles.

- Develop intellectual and cognitive abilities through fun exploration using Montessori materials and developmentally appropriate toys.

- Foster creative abilities and fine motor skills through art exploration, music enjoyment and sensory activities.

- Enhance large motor skills through daily outdoor play and movement activities.

- Encourage a love and respect for nature, self, and the environment by weaving opportunities to explore into daily life.

Your role in the African Centered Montessori community of children, teachers, and family requires that you:

- Be committed to helping African Centered Montessori set the standard for high quality child care at every level.

- Be passionate about African Centeredness, and have a clear awareness of “who you are and where you come from”.

- Know and understands the seven principles of Nguzo Saba, and implement the principles in the classroom.

- Prepare the classroom environment true to the Montessori Philosophy, which includes materials and equipment, and ensures that all materials are in good repair and all sets are complete.

- Plan and implement the African Centered Montessori curriculum. Update curriculum as student needs dictate.

- Participate in the process to achieve and maintain AMS membership.

- Monitor each individual child’s developmental milestones related to body, mind, communication, and self.

- Establish positive and effective communication and relationships with families. Be available to parents through written communication, setting up conferences, and educating parents in the African Centered Montessori philosophy.

- Serve as the main point of contact for all assistant teachers in the classroom.

- Be able to communicate effectively with center director(s).

- Establish and maintain a safe, healthy, loving, and nurturing environment for all children.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education or related field, and State certification, or NYSED approved certification or Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and five (5) years of experience or a DOH approved study plan.
  • Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education preferred.
  • Minimum of two (2) years of experience working with young children in a group setting.
  • Knowledge of child development and developmentally appropriate practices. 
  • Knowledge of the Montessori Method.
  • New York State Teaching certification.
  • Current CPR / First Aid certifications.

Application Instructions:

​If you feel that you would be able to make an impactful contribution to our village, please send us your resume along with a note explaining why you would make a great addition to our team.  ​Resumes can be sent to

Additional Information:

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