Exec Dir

Morningside PlayCare
Date Posted: 05/12/2017
Salary / Wage:
Location: New York, New York
Job Type: Assistant


Morningside PlayCare, Inc. is a new early childhood program with an emphasis on bilingual education.  Education.

A Chance to Move Up!

  • Pleasant Working Conditions
  • Competitive Salary
  • Small Program with Great Indoor & Outdoor Space
  • Opportunity for Leadership and Advancement
  • Opportunity to Help Design this New Program
  • Professional Environment Committed to Excellence
  • Great Children and Families
  • A Chance to Help Children Learn a Second Language
  • A Chance to be An Integral Part of a Dedicated Team

Our Philosophy: We believe that care and guided learning should follow the natural developmental stages of children. Our approach is play-based and progressive. Through play and engaging interaction with their environment and their teachers, young children will naturally and quickly acquire one, two or three languages at an early age. We believe it is important for children to spend time in Nature, eat healthy, real, food; play outside, and engage in authentic arts and inquiry activities.

Job Description:  You will be the person who helps us build the overall routines and practices that make for an outstanding toddler program.  manages the childcare aspect of our program.  You will ensures that all best practices in childcare, including health and safety, developmentally appropriate learning, classroom management, potty training, record keeping, and parent/teacher communication, are being executed on a daily bases.  You will also be responsible in collaboration with our team, for building the routines and standard operating procedures that make our program operate smoothly. You will spend most of your time in the classroom, caring for children and coaching interns.  You will spend the rest of your time managing and growing our program in consultation with other members of the Start-Up Team.   You will also collaborate in the development of a bilingual or trilingual inquiry-based curriculum that is inspired by the children’s interests and has exploration of nature as a central focus.  In so doing, you will help create a culture of exploration, respect for nature, and creative play. You will be the point person for communications between the program and parents. A key part of your job will also be advising the Executive Director in all matters related to the operation of the program and children’s safety and security. Maintaining a safe, nurturing, inquiring, and language rich classroom environment will be your number one priority. 


Requirements: To successfully fill this position you will need to have at least 4 years of group day care experience, a talent for creating a nurturing, yet highly organized classroom environment, and leadership skills.  As such, we are less interested in credentials, and more interested in experience, talent, judgement, and commitment.  That said, you must have taken all of the basic childcare and health & safety courses and be able to demonstrate that knowledge.  In addition, we prefer someone with an Associates Degree or Bachelor’s degree, but it is not required.  You must be completely fluent in standard English and one other language (preferably Mandarin or Spanish). 



  • Have at Least 4 Years Experience in Group Toddler Child Care
  • Have a Natural Talent for and Love of Caring for Toddlers in a Group
  • Pass NYS Background Check
  • Have Completed Coursework on Young Child Health, Safety, and Development
  • Be Fluent in English
  • Be Fluent in Spanish or Mandarin or French
  • Be Eligible to work in the US


Application Instructions:

To Apply: Send resume and email describing why our program interests you to: gfoster@MorningsidePlayCare.com      Please, no unsolicited calls.

Additional Information:

This is an opportunity for someone who is an excellent Assistant Teacher to lead a small class of toddlers.