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Associate Executive Director for Early Childhood and Youth Programs

Union Settlement
Date Posted: 04/02/2021
Salary / Wage: $130,000
Location: New York, New York
Job Type:


The Associate Executive Director for Early Childhood and Youth Programs will be a critical member of the executive management team, primarily responsible for overseeing Union Settlement’s Early Childhood Education and Youth Services programs. Working closely with the Executive Director, the Associate Executive Director for Early Childhood and Youth Programs will review Union Settlement’s existing programs for children and young adults ages 0-24, including the agency’s use of program metrics and other evaluative tools, and will help develop, oversee and implement policies and procedures to enhance the depth, scope and quality of those programs. This will include efforts to build both internal and external collaborations to support Union Settlement’s holistic approach to assisting individuals and families in East Harlem and beyond.


  • In coordination with the Executive Director, executive team and other senior management staff, provide oversight of and assistance to Union Settlement’s Early Childhood Education and Youth Services programs.

  • Work closely with the Directors of the Early Childhood Education and Youth Services programs to develop a strategic vision for the programs, and assist them in overall program management and operations.

  • Help create and support a culture of high performance and continuing program improvement; and continuous enhanced program quality.

  • Provide leadership, support and direction to ensure that programmatic goals and objectives, as well as legal, regulatory, contract and grant compliance requirements, are met in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

  • Promote collaborative relationships with Union Settlement’s other departments, and with outside organizations, to ensure that individuals and families are served in a holistic and comprehensive manner, including ensuring that intra- agency and inter-agency referrals are made in a seamless manner, with appropriate follow-up.

  • Ensure coordination of program participant outreach and recruitment efforts.

  • Work with the Early Childhood and Youth Services Leadership Teams and Human Resources to determine staffing

    plans to achieve program goals and objectives, and participate in hiring decisions for new senior program staff.

  • In collaboration with Human Resources, examine, evaluate and implement practices related to employee

    management programs, trainings, events, performance issues and disciplinary actions.

  • In collaboration with the Director of the Early Childhood Education, Director of Youth Services , Development

    Office, and Finance Office, participate in the development of responses to government requests for proposals and

    foundation funding requests, including the development of new program designs.

  • In collaboration with the Director of the Early Childhood Education, Director of Youth Services and Finance Office,

    help to develop program budgets and ensure that program spending remains within budgeted amounts.

  • Serve as a liaison with government agencies, private funders and community stakeholders, including represent

    Union Settlement on relevant external committees and task forces, as well as at speaking engagements, conference panels and trainings.

  • Work closely with Human Resources to build the skills and confidence of senior program staff members, so that they can mentor, encourage, and motivate all staff.

  • Work with the Directors of the Early Childhood Education and Youth Services programs to review existing program designs and program evaluation tools, including but not limited to performance and financial metrics, and develop comprehensive program evaluation systems.

  • Work with the Director of the Early Childhood Education and Director of Youth Services to establish annual program and sub-program goals and objectives.

  • Develop and coordinate the collection and analysis of relevant data to track results against performance goals, and to inform programmatic decision-making.

  • Review the efficiency, effectiveness, feasibility and sustainability of existing and proposed programs.

  • Analyze internal reports to evaluate program effectiveness using an outcomes-based approach, and ensure the

    agency’s ability to anticipate and effectively respond to changing client needs.

  • Perform additional duties as assigned by Executive Director.


  1. The ideal Associate Executive Director for Early Childhood and Youth Programs will have the following qualifications:

    • A minimum of 10 years’ leadership experience in a nonprofit, government, or philanthropy, ideally at an organization serving low-income youth or communities.

    • At least five years’ experience in a senior management capacity, ideally overseeing programs with multiple government contracts.

    • Experience overseeing Early Childhood Education and/or Youth Services programs strongly preferred.

    • Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree in Social Work, Education, Public Administration or a related field

      strongly preferred.

    • A demonstrated commitment to addressing the needs of individuals and families in underserved communities, and a demonstrated understanding of the impact of social policies and the importance of community empowerment in effecting policy changes.

    • Solid understanding of social service programming, grant funded programs, agency compliance, labor compliance and supervision of diverse staff.

    • Comprehensive knowledge and demonstrated experience in program development, program evaluation, budgeting and administrative operations.

    • Ability and desire to coach, mentor, and develop talent with the organization, and to attract and recruit outside talent.

    • Demonstrated experience responding to government requests for proposals and developing private funding grant requests.

    • Experience developing and implementing program financial and performance measurement systems, including the collection and analysis of data for planning and reporting purposes.

    • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, with the ability to represent the organization externally across a wide range of stakeholders and constituencies.

    • Demonstrated experience building internal and external relationships, with the ability find common ground, build consensus and strengthen collaboration among diverse stakeholders in a culturally competent manner.

    • Ability to simultaneously manage and balance multiple projects.

    • Strategic thinker and leader with track record of achieving organizational objectives.

    • Excellent organizational, analytical, financial management and problem-solving skills.

    • Demonstrated computer and technology skills.

    • Unquestioned personal and professional integrity and a dedicated work ethic.

Application Instructions:

  1. Please send cover letter, resume, writing sample, salary requirements, and contact information for at least three professional references to: Please indicate “Associate Executive Director for Early Childhood and Youth Programs” in the email subject line.

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About Goals

Your goals describe specific areas that you are working on (or plan to work on) to improve or maintain the quality of your program. Goals connect your quality improvement work to the QUALITY standards and your rating and allow you to schedule and prioritize chunks of work in your progranm. Goals group together and organize related action items (tasks) and provide a narrative framework to keep you, your program, your QIM and Central Office on the same page.

Goal Scope and Scale

You have a lot of flexibility in developing QI Goals, but some rules of thumb help keep Goals useful, readable, and manageable:

  • Time: A Goal should be achievable roughly within a rating cycle, If you are struggling to put even an estimated end date on a Goal, it may be too broad. Ideally, several Goals will fit (with some overlap) within a rating cycle.
  • Standards: A Goal should roughly fit within a standard subcategory. This is flexible, of course, but if your Goal is spanning multiple standard categories, it may be too broad.
  • A Goal may be too small if it can be accomplished in one or two small steps.
  • A Goal may be too broad if you can't define concisely how you will know when it is complete.
Goal Label

The goal label is simply a brief title that allows you to distinguish this goal from others in a list or report. The more robust description of the Goal comes in the Goal statement below.

Think of it like naming a file on your computer so that later you can recognize it. This label will appear on your goal as a "title" along with your Goal statement, as well as being the identifier in drop-down or selection lists for viewing/using Goals.

Goal Statement

What is your goal?

Goal Rationale / Inspiration

Where did this goal come from? What in your rating and/or conversations about the program led to the development of this Goal? Why is this particular area of quality improvement a priority?

Quality Impact

How will the quality of the program improve? What will be different about the way the program works, looks and feels? How will children, families, the director and staff experience the program differently?

Goal Activity Summary

Summarize / brainstorm the actions you think you'll need to take to accomplish this goal. You'll be defining specific action items as you go, but record the big picture here. What practices will need to change? Who will need to be involved? What will need to be purchased? What training/coaching will be needed?

Goal Existing Resources

What existing strengths and resources will help this goal be successful?

Goal Barriers

What factors, events or concerns might prevent you from accomplishing this goal? If you've attempted to make these changes in the past, what barriers arose and prevented you from following through? What resources or information could help you overcome these barriers and accomplish this goal?

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