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Early Childhood Special Education Teacher II

Developmental Disabilities Institute
Date Posted: 12/16/2020
Salary / Wage: experience
Location: many towns, New York
Job Type:


- Evaluate, assess and screen students using appropriate standardized testing and clinical observational skills - Responsible for the implementation of a child’s IEP/IFSP and progress towards goals - Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to implement the curriculum as outlined - Demonstrate the knowledge and ability to effectively manage classroom behaviors - Provide required documentation for services that your program and/or supervisor have outlined for you. - Maintain documentation in a professional, efficient, accountable and confidential manner - Demonstrate the ability to effectively manage the assigned classroom staff - Attend all meetings as scheduled and collaborate with other professional, staff and families - Responsible for the maintenance of classroom materials and supplies - Maintain and update professional knowledge, skills and abilities through appropriate education, inservice training or higher education - Other duties as assigned Essential Physical Demands: - Must be able to modify the area to secure the safety of children - Ability to move/transport a child weighing up to 30 pounds to a height of 3 feet to place child on changing table - Must be able to move quickly after a child up to 200 feet to prevent elopement - Must be able to position self or maneuver classroom to facilitate student instruction in classroom and playground environment - Must have ability to follow oral and written directions and detect/respond to fire alarms - Must be able to ascend and descend stairs with railing

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Locations: Medford, Huntington, and Ronkonkoma 

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