Childcare in an informal, unlicensed caregiver’s home is the most common non-parental childcare arrangement for infants and toddlers and children from low-income families. With generous support from the New York Community Trust, the Institute is proud to unveil an intensive professional learning and coaching program, models typically available to licensed and center-based early childhood programs, to informal providers in New York City. The Coaching and Responsive Engagement Program (C.A.R.E.) serves home-based family childcare providers caring for children ages birth to five years old throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

On June 3, the first cohort of providers completed the program and received certificates and additional incentives during a recognition ceremony. The cohort included 8 informal childcare providers based in Brooklyn, most of whom live in the same communities as the children they care for, speak their same language, and offer flexible hours that accommodate parents’ work schedules. Participants completed a 10-week competency-based professional learning program, co-facilitated by skilled, master level early childhood educators. Session content included interactions with children, nurturing children’s development and self-care for the caregiver. In addition, participants received 10 individualized coaching visits in their homes to identify goals and areas for growth and collaborate with a coach in working toward these goals.

The Institute commends the 8 providers who completed the program and increased their knowledge about the elements of high quality childcare! Through the professional learning program and practice-based home coaching visits, the C.A.R.E. Program will ensure that children receive high quality care during crucial learning years to develop the skills and competencies necessary for success in school and life.

For more information, please contact Angelica Velazquez at 718-254-7289.