NYC Early Childhood Research Network

Network Agency Partners

Partners are listed alphabetically.

New York City Administration for Children’s Services
  • Brenda Henry, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Division of Early Care and Education

New York City Department of Education
  • Natalie Kianoff, Chief Executive Officer, Division of Early Childhood
  • Ailish Brady, Director, Research and Policy Support Group
  • Amudha Balaraman, Manager, Research and Evaluation
  • Sabrina Silverstein, Executive Director, Early Childhood Teaching and Learning Programs, Division of Early Childhood

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Frank Cresciullo, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Child Care
  • George Askew, MD, Deputy Commissioner, Family and Child Health
  • Kelvin Chan, Ph.D. MTS, MPH, Director of Early Childhood Development, Bureau of Child Care
  • Katherine H. (Tina) McVeigh, Ph.D. MPH, Director of Research, Division of Family and Child Health
  • Abigail M. (Jewkes) Velikov, Ph.D., Senior Advisor, Early Childhood Health & Development, Division of Family and Child Health

Office of the Mayor
  • David Berman, MPA, MPH, Director of Programs & Evaluation, NYC Center for Economic Opportunity