Infant Toddler Workforce Research RFP Form

With this RFP, we intend to make two awards for research projects that deepen our understanding of the infant and toddler workforce. We expect to make awards decisions by September 15, 2018 and anticipate that data collection will begin in the fall of 2018. We intend to offer two awards that will range from $50,000 to $175,000. Awardees will need to enter into a sub-award agreement with the Research Foundation of CUNY.

We advise you to draft your application in Word and then cut/paste it into this application. The application fields are character-limited and include spaces. In general, 3,200 characters represent about one page, and 1,600 characters represent a half page. Brevity and clarity are appreciated. Therefore, it is not necessary to use the maximum allotted characters to answer each question.

All submissions are due by Wednesday, August 15th at 5pm EST

Read more about the RFP | Download the PDF version of this RFP

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