Let’s Change the Conversation: New Documentary- not yet released- The Value of Early Childhood Education.

Watch this compelling documentary about the importance and value of Early Childhood Education. Economists conduct a cost-benefit analysis on the value of high quality early care and preschool for all. The research says that we are spending TOO LITTLE where it matters the most- young children. Watch it here and join the conversation: 1) What […]

Hillary Clinton and Pritzker Family Foundation

Have you heard the news? In the last week, Early Childhood has made a big splash in the news with the vocal support of Hillary Clinton in “Too Small to Fail” and the Pritzker Family Foundation $20 million investment in the first phase of a public-private partnership entitled “Early Childhood Innovation Accelerator” project. Watch the […]

Innovative 5 minute video highlighting the importance of building adult capacities to improve child outcomes

It's only 5 minutes! Take five minutes and watch this informative video from the Frontiers of Innovation at Harvard University as they discuss the importance of building adult capacities to improve child outcomes. Adults- both parents and those that care for children- need “hands on” opportunities to improve their skills and provide what children need. […]

TED talk: Nancy Carlsson-Paige- “When Education Goes Wrong: Taking the Creativity and Play out of Learning”

In her TedTalk, "When Education Goes Wrong: Taking the Creativity and Play out of Learning", Nancy Carlsson-Paige from Lesley University shares this message: "When we watch children play, we understand how central play is to healthy development — to children’s emotional, social, and cognitive health and learning. Through play and hands-on activity, children build ideas […]

Universal Preschool- What does that really entail?

Featured in EdSource, Mancy Whitebook article "Staffing a Universal Preschool Program Will be No Small Task," proposes possible implications involved with implementing Obama's universal preschool program.  Take a look at the article. Do you agree with her beliefs regarding early educators' compensation? Professional development? http://www.edsource.org/today/2013/staffing-a-universal-preschool-program-will-be-no-small-task#.UW_pgTeRiSp              

Stay Informed: National Association for the Education of Young Children: Call to Action for the 113th Congress

NAEYC’s policy recommendations address the key opportunities at the federal level for a well-financed, high-quality continuum of early childhood education, supporting children (from birth through age eight) and early childhood professionals across all settings. For access to the article–click here: http://www.naeyc.org/files/naeyc/2013CalltoAction.pdf          

New York State Enters Race for $100 Million Early Learning Challenge Grant

Read Governor Cuomo’s announcement about New York State’s proposal for the Early Learning Challenge, a competitive grant to increase access to quality early learning programs.

“The Children Must Play” from The New Republic

The New Republic, in a January 28th article,  “The Children Must Play: What the United States could learn from Finland about education reform” compares the differing  approaches of Finland and the United States to education reform. From the article: “Not only do Finnish educational authorities provide students with far more recess than their U.S. counterparts—75 […]