Program Specialist, School Pathways

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Date Posted: 03/05/2018
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Location: New York, New York
Job Type: Other



The Program Specialist for School Pathways will promote targeted services to alumnae 2G families who have transitioned from Head Start to Elementary School.Our 2G program is an educational preparatory program for adults with children enrolled in our Early Childhood Programs. The Program Specialist will develop partnership agreement plans with families; work with the CFS team to coordinate services, and lead engagement and transition workshops.


  • Promote support services to alumnae 2G families who have transitioned to Elementary School and develop Family Partnership Agreements.
  • Work in partnership with local school districts and elementary school partners to ensure seamless transitions into and through the elementary school process.
  • Coordinating and leadings parent engagement sessions around services offered and the elementary enrollment process.



Planning, Preparation and Delivery of Services

  • Promote family support services to families enrolled in our 2G early childhood program.
  • Create Family Partnership Agreement (FPA) plans with families and set goals using SMART system; monitor  families progress
  • Program tracking of parent goals through active enrollment in our 2G education programming, events, and activities.
  • Review and reassess FPA and mobility no less than quarterly and as needed throughout program year
  • Update family progress and outcomes via our Promis database and through case notes
  • Support families at various external meetings and appointments as needed (i.e. Housing, WIC, etc.)
  • Track and maintain attendance for assigned families accordingly
  • Create additional intervention plans as necessary for families with various challenges and needs in the elementary school system
  • Assess family needs and make appropriate referrals internally and externally
  • Coordinate, and host parent workshops, and peer support groups
  • Follow up and track outcomes of all referrals
  • Work collaboratively with all internal teams  of all EA programs as needed for family support
  • Facilitate and support parents in completing program surveys, program feedback, etc.
  • Actively participate in all outreach and recruitment efforts for program visibility

Work Enviroment

  • Coordination and implementation of family engagement efforts of 2G alumnae families
  • Work collaboratively with school districts and partner schools to ensure the smooth transition and navigation of families within the elementary school system
  • Work collaboratively with the CFS teams to ensure family engagement and parent participation

Interactions with Staff, Children and Families   

  • Build respectful and reciprocal relationships with families and educate them about program services and supports
  • Build respectful reciprocal relationships with program partners to maintain program efficiency and delivery of services
  • Maintain family case files on the PROMIS database and track family activity, progress and outcomes accordingly
  • Maintain and adhere to confidentiality practices to support family’s privacy and well-being
  • Maintain all responsibilities of Mandated Reporting
  • Refrain from inappropriate fraternizing with families


Professional Responsibilities

  • Maintain awareness of the philosophy and goals of the program in order to promote efficiency of program enrollment, family engagement and participation and program visibility
  • Develop and maintain an understanding of Head Start Program Performance Standards
  • Develop and maintain an understanding and full use of database system
  • Attend team meetings and program events as assigned and demonstrate willingness to incorporate new ideas and strategies to meet program standards and goals in line with best practices
  • Attend professional development opportunities both internal and external and deliver updated information to peers and colleagues as assigned
  • Showing professionalism including integrity, ethical conduct and decision making
  • Observe strict confidentiality practices
  • Maintain compliance paperwork, and submit documents by deadlines assigned
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned


Required Knowledge

  • Master Degree in Social Work or related field with knowledge of Early Childhood Programming
  • Bilingual (preferred) English/Chinese(Mandarin or Cantonese)  or English/Spanish
  • 3+ years of program management experience and demonstrated knowledge of working with families of diverse socio-economic backgrounds
  • Demonstrated knowledge of assessing and providing community resources to co-workers and families
  • Knowledge and use of  MS Office Suite and advanced computer literacy
  • Knowledge of data entry and ability to learn and adapt to various computer systems
  • Effective Outreach and Recruitment strategies
  • Strong document management and maintenance skills
  • Ability to read, write and communicate in English
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. 
  • Actively participate in community and program events including evening, weekend hours

Role Key Competencies

Team Player

Conflict Management and Resolution



Planning and Organizing


Learning Orientation


Safety Awareness

Managing Performance



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